First 2019 NEAR running event this Saturday!!

The cars and stars of NEAR will be appearing at the  White Mountain Motorsports Park this Saturday, June 1, 2019. The NEAR cars are slated for arrival at 1 p.m. for the show that starts at 6:30 p.m. Also in attendance will be the North East Mini Stock Tour, Street Stock Showdown Series, and other support divisions. Come on down and support a great racing program and your NEAR members!

NEAR Newsletter Online!

We had a great meeting this week at Thompson Speedway Club House, and the food was excellent!!

Several really good discussions and ideas came out of the meeting; and one of them was to add the “NEAR Newsletter” to the website…which has been done.

The new functionality to view the March/April 2019 NEAR Newsletter can now be viewed by clicking on the “NEAR Newsletter” link in the third gray box in the right-hand sidebar, then clicking on the “thumbnail” photo. The newsletter will open and can be viewed online or downloaded. This feature should be available on all future issues.

I would like to thank our Board Members, attending members, and this month’s guest Mark Hann for their input to help NEAR move forward on a positive track.

Also, my sincerest thanks and appreciation goes to Judy Poirier for coming back part time to assist with website technical issues. Judy also helps NEAR and this President with tutoring and advice, bringing me up to speed with the new format. Much appreciated!