2020 Club Rules


Rules For Track Procedure

  1. Drivers must wear helmets at all times when on the racing surface.
  2. Drivers must wear seat belts at all times when on the racing surface.
  3. Fire-proof suits, gloves and shoes required for all on track activity.
  4. Cars are to be driven only by active members who have a current membership application on file.
  5. Absolutely no person without a valid state driver’s license or a person under 16 years of age may drive a car at any NEAR, Inc. event.
  6. All NEAR, Inc.events are for exhibition only. Exhibition means a display in which the primary purpose is to show the vehicles and where no race or competition of speed or endurance occurs. (CT State MVD regulation sec. 16-164a-2, subsection (d)).
  7. NEAR, Inc. will permit restored antique cars to participate in on track activities in a reasonable and controlled manner with limited speeds. Any car driven at excessive speed will be removed at once from the track. Out of control and incompetent driving will not be allowed. The event director shall name a designated winner and alternate for all events prior to the start of the event. No driver may be the designated winner for more than one event per year.
  8. Medical forms are required to be completed annually before the driver takes to the track.
  9. Any NEAR, Inc. member, board member or officer who participates in any of the events named in Section 7, shall do so at personal risk and does so without the authority or implied consent of the NEAR, Inc. organization.
  10. The event director is in control of the meet’s activities.  He/she will not be permitted to supersede any of the rules printed above.