Mike Scravani, Sr.
Class of 2008

Mike Scravani, Sr. began racing with the “Big Cars” in the 1930s, before switching to midgets, stock cars, and modifieds.  Hall of Famers Leo Cleary, Hop Harrington, Dave Humphries and Gene Bergin are a few of the successful drivers who have wheeled Mike’s cars.  

In 1969, Scravani sold his famous M-2 to Dick Armstrong, starting what would be another storied ownership.  Geoff Bodine drove one of Scravani’s Midgets at Stafford, losing on the last lap to Johnny Coy, Sr.

Cleary wheeled Mike’s cars to championships at both Norwood and Thompson.  Mike was a charter member of the Northeast Midget Association, NEMA.   Butch Walsh and Nokie Fornoro both drove Scavani’s cars to NEMA championships.  Dave Humphries, Burt Brooks, Gene Bergin and Al Pillion are a few of the drivers who have won driving Scrivani’s midget. In 1982, Fornoro won the ARDC Championship in Mike’s #21.

Today, Mike’s son, Mike, Jr. is President of NEMA, and continues to field a car that has won dozens of features. 

We welcome Mike Scrivani, Sr. into the NEAR Hall of Fame.