Jim Allen, NEAR Member
Photo by Judy Poirier

Wall Stadium was the track to go to and see the yellow #46 compete "back in the day". In 2000 Jim Allen became the owner and driver of the #46 Vintage Modified race car powered by the John MacIntire racing engine and a member of the Bob Donahue Racing team.

For Jim, the racing attraction began at age 5 while living next door to a race track. The track had the foresight to give season passes to their neighbors, making it possible for the neighbors to attend the races.

Jim started his racing career in the Enduro race cars at Monadnock Speedway. After tiring of fixing frames, on a pretty regular basis, he began to look for a non-contact division. He found what he was looking for in Vintage racing. In 1996 Jim joined both NEAR (New England Antique Racers) and STAR (Senior Tour Auto Racing) Vintage racing clubs and continues that relationship; as well as taking a leadership role as a STAR Board member.

While looking for a vintage race car, he found a nice racer in the #44 Coupe. The Coupe raced first on dirt tracks and then moved to racing on ice. Jim and the late Ed Harbron changed the #44 from the ice setup to asphalt and raced Sportsman in the vintage division. And as mentioned earlier, Jim moved into the vintage modified in 2000 and is still currently racing in that division.

Jim enjoys being out on the water fishing...a natural course following his service to our country in the Navy. As a naval 2nd Class machinist mate in the Vietnam Nam war he worked in the engine room of the ship that supplied food for the entire 7th Fleet, off the coast of Vietnam Nam; his ship fed 127 ships every eight days.

After the Navy Jim continued as a machinist at Simonds Cutting Tools - who sponsors his race car today.

Jim and his wife, Karen, have 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and a dog named Rascal. All have enjoyed his Vintage racing over the years...and many of you have seen Rascal, one of his biggest fan, in the pits.

By Judy Poirier