Paul Masse, NEAR Member
L-R, Paul Masse, George Cleveland and Bill Henry

Paul Masse, President of New England Antique Racers (NEAR), became a member of NEAR around Y2K or the year 2000. He has just recently been elected as the President; Paul is no stranger to leadership roles – he has also served as the NEAR Vice-President and before that, as an Advisor to the NEAR President.

As a Fan of racing since 1949, Paul said his most memorable moment was, “My last race – always coming to the Green Flag – WOW!!” His favorite race tracks used to be Lonsdale and Norwood; and now are the “Konk” and Thompson.

Paul continues to portray racing history though his enjoyment of building over 400 model race cars to reflect cars from “back in the day”. His goal is to reproduce the history of stock car racing here in New England from the 1949 jalopies to Pintos and Vegas, and occasionally an early Cavalier through his models.

As a semi-retired Pastoral Counselor, Paul keeps busy volunteering at his Parish and doing “Meals on Wheels”. He is also an ordained Deacon at the Catholic Church, currently on leave. In the past, Paul operated a family dairy business for 20 years and spent the same amount of time coaching baseball. He was a Cub Scout Leader, President of Greater Woonsocket Clergy Association, President of Tri-Hab House and for 10 years, as Hospital Chaplain.

If you spent time talking to Paul, he has probably told you about his lady friend, Linda, his three children and his six grandchildren. Many of you have had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter, Sarah Mosseau, who has sung in the past and just recently again at the 2014 NEAR Hall of Fame Banquet -- singing the National Anthem. Just this past weekend, January 17, 2015, Sarah was declared the first runner-up to Miss New Hampshire USA for 2015. She has also volunteered to be available to sing at racing events in the future.

By Judy Poirier