Hall of Fame 2014
April 23, 2014

Nominations to the Hall of Fame for 2014 can be made at this time by completing a form and mailing to:

Mr. Bruce Cohen
112 Central Street #2
Somerville Ma. 02142   or email modman181@comcast.net

If you know of anyone that deserves being recognized for their contribution to the sport as a track owner, promoter, driver, car owner or engine builder please give them the credit they so richly deserve and nominate them to be considered for the Hall of Fame.

Please submit the nominee's name, address and a brief biography of persons career. Include their stats -- wins, driver championships, car owner, tracks raced and years competed.

Rules for consideration are 60 years old -- OR -- retired 5 years from the sport.

If you need a form for submission, email Bill Henry at  beachwalk1028@yahoo.com or call (203) 378-2913.

The Nomination forms must be to Bruce Cohen by May 15, 2014, for consideration with this year’s class.

By Bill Henry