Show News and Updates
May 8, 2014

There is a change in the sign in time for the June 8, 2014 running show at Twin State Speedway in Claremont, NH, it is now 3pm; it has been updated on the NEAR schedule link.

Thanks to Jim Splettstoezer we have a Still show in Simsbury, CT, on Iron Horse Blvd., Simsbury CT, on July 13, 2014; for more information about directions and parking, please call Jim at (860) 229-7511.

Thanks to Ron Carlson who hooked us up at the Summer Knights show with Al Pipkin who is running a "Touch a Truck" at Sage Park on August 16th on  the Berlin Turnpike about 2 miles south from the Berlin Fairgrounds on  Suranna Drive. Al can be contacted at (860) 462-0268. The show is from 10am and if raining, the rain date is August 17th. He will have show cars, street cars and would like some vintage race car for his fund raiser. Let’s have some local support for the charity.

A  "tip of the hat" to Jim Torok for contacting Lloyd Hutchins about the desire of some members to run their cars on the track for display purposes only. The request was made to allow parade laps for cars not participating in the speed event. Another "hat tip" to Lloyd who has made arrangements on June 7th at White Mountain Speedway, Route 3, North Woodstock, NH, and June 8th  at Twin State Speedway on Thrasher Road in Claremont, NH, to allow cars to be displayed for viewing purposes and then perform a few parade laps in front of the NEAR field before our feature.  So for those folks who have requested track time to show their car to the fans without speed, here it is. Please take advantage of the efforts put forth to make this happen. When you see Lloyd at the track, shake his hand as he has fulfilled the desires of several members and brought more cars back into activity.

On behalf of NEAR thank you Jim, Ron, Jim and Lloyd for making these events possible for our members.

By Bill Henry