Jim Williams Appointed as new Event Coordinator
April 4, 2015
Jim Williams

NEAR President Paul Masse has asked me to help out with the coordination of events for 2015.  I will do my best to help the club in any way I can.  I want to thank both Jim Torok and Bill Henry for all of their years of hard work and dedication in scheduling and coordinating events, and I hope I can count on their continued support, guidance and advice.  To try to fill their shoes is an impossible task, especially for a new club member.  But I will do my best to manage the schedule and coordinate with the tracks and other venues.

I fully understand that there is a lot that I don’t know, and that there is much to learn.  I know that I may make some mistakes along the way.  I trust that you will be accommodating in that regard.  I also know that I will not be able to please everyone all the time.  But I can promise you that I will always act with the best interest of the club in mind, and I will support decisions of the elected officials.

I definitely am open to the opinions and ideas of our members, and I welcome your constructive advice and assistance.  It is my hope and desire that our 2015 NEAR season runs smoothly and will be a positive experience for all.

With that in mind, please review the information contained in my notes about 2015 NEAR events so that we can start off on the right footing.

Jim Williams

Notes about 2015 NEAR Events
April 4, 2015
  • Participation in NEAR events requires a current/active membership.  Showing your current NEAR membership card is the easiest way to verify your active status.
  • When attending events, make sure you sign in with the Event Coordinator.  If there is none present, ensure you make your attendance known to a NEAR official as soon as practical.  Sending a photo of you at the event is a good idea, if possible.

  • Please inform the event coordinator of your intention to attend running or still shows ahead of time, so we might know who and how many to expect.

  • SAFETY is our #1 priority – period.
  • Review the NEAR rules regarding required safety equipment for both the vehicle and the driver, and ensure you meet all of the requirements.
  • Plan to arrive early at your first (running) event in order to allow time for a safety inspection.
  • Deficiencies in personal and/or vehicle safety equipment will be cause for denial of participation in on-track events.
  • Have a short bio of yourself and/or your car prepared for the track announcer to identify you.  You can also submit a bio to the webmaster, Judy Poirier.
  • Remember that participation in both still and running events should be a positive experience for all.  Remember what the purposes of NEAR are.  Competition is not one of them. Neither is conflict.  Camaraderie, and preserving and displaying the history of the sport are the main objectives.
  • I look forward to doing my part for a successful and enjoyable season for all NEAR event participants.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  Call or text 401-580-1313 or e-mail cptjnw@yahoo.com .   I am also on Facebook.
  • I welcome any and all advice and assistance.  Your thoughts matter to us.
Best Regards, Jim Williams (Event Coordinator)