Don’t forget to renew your membership!

As you know we are a nonprofit organization and rely on you for your annual membership to help keep our club alive, this is our forty second year and we are looking forward to the continued dedication to the preservation of the fellowship and nostalgia of automobile racing by all of you; lest we forget the efforts that went into the making of this great sport.Without your membership we would not be able to continue with our Creed. If you haven’t renewed why not do so today. If you know of someone who you think would be an added asset get them to sign up today. If you are a hall of Fame member and wish to help us continue, please consider completing the membership form with a donation. No amount is too small, and every donation is sincerely appreciated. While most of the information you can glean from the NEAR organization is available on social media, and our newsletters, without your memberships and donations we would not be able to maintain our social media presence or produce our newsletters, etc. $25.00 is a very reasonable expense in today’s economy, you would be hard pressed to bring a family of four to a track in your area for that amount! So please take a moment renew your membership, sign up someone new, and help us all to ensure that New England Antique Auto Racers continue on for another forty years! It is not too early to get in your 2023 membership renewal. The form is two sided, please complete both sides!If you can’t download the form, please reach out to me and I will send you one in the mail. Thank youApril May Preston-Elms Treasurer