2020 NEAR “Revised” Event Schedule

Aug 1        Sat.      Riverside Spdwy             Groveton, NH

                               Sign-in: 12 NOON           Running

Aug 15      Sat.      Bear Ridge Spdwy          Bradford, VT

                               Sign-in: 12 NOON           Still/Parade

Aug 21      Fri.       Claremont Spdwy          Claremont, NH

                               Sign-in: 3PM                    Running

Aug 22      Sat        Bethel  Spdwy               Swan Lake, N.Y.

Rain out –makeup  Sign-in 3p.m.                   Running

Sept 6      Sun      Limerock Historic Fest    Salisbury, Ct.

                             8 a.m.-3 p.m.                     Still/display

Sept 12    Sat.      White Mt.  [WMMP]      No Woodstock, NH

                              Sign-in: 1PM                     Running

Oct 9-11 Sat/Sun   Thompson Spdwy        Thompson, Ct.

HOF Truck/2 cars   Sat. 8 a.m.                  Running Heat/Feature

on display

This revised schedule is subject to changes due to the current pandemic of COVID-19 and may be affected by government restrictions. Schedule will be updated if we can add any dates.