Jeff Horn still winning at 75!!

At age 75 and just days from his 76th birthday, Jeff Horn won the midget feature event at the Rumney, Vt. track. He is most certainly the oldest driver to ever win a feature in New England. Even Dave Humphrey, who had an unusually long career, won his last feature at age 61.

Jeff began racing in 1965, and after serving his country in the military, has been racing ever since. Stock cars, supermodifieds, and midgets have been piloted by the accomplished racer. He’s won feature events in many cars with small and big block power.

Rumney is a dirt track, Jeff never left pavement until he was 67 years old.”All I wanted to be was a Saturday night throttle pusher” he said of his racing aspirations. No NASCAR, no Indy cars, just racing right here so we could all enjoy watching him.

Jeff does all the work on his cars, and he’s the guy driving the truck and trailer to the track, as well. Jeff Horn is a race fan’s dream!

Story/pics submitted by Dick Berggren