Racing Family needs your help!

Alan Piquette

I’ve been posting on here about needing a kidney, my numbers are dropping and I’m down to 12% usage of my kidneys. Talking with different doctors they all have their options on things but bottom line they all agree on one thing, I need a kidney sooner than later. One doctor even said that he doesn’t even think I would make it if I have to wait on the transplant list, he feels time is running out, and the way I’m feeling I have to agree. Then today I was flipping through channels and you hear about “Christmas Miracles” that miracles do come true, to be honest, that’s what I’m going to need a miracle, with having 0-Negative blood type, my chances drop even farther down the list and the miracle seems unreachable. If I can get this message sent around and happen to find that one person, again that ONE person that sees this to come forward, not only will they be saving a life (mine) but they will take part in a miracle because this is what it’s turning into, a miracle. Please like and share this as I only need that one special person to step forward and save a life. Please if anybody has any questions please inbox me here and I will answer any questions that you may have. I was told that Christmas time a lot of miracles are answered, let’s share this and hope this miracle can happen.

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